A Brief History About Amendeep Steel Plant

amardeep steel

“Amendeep Steel” is a famous international distributor, producer and exporter of steel products such as tubes, pipes, plates, fittings, hot-chamber fittings, machine parts, galvanized fittings, plates, sheets, galvanized pipes and sheets etc all made from different metals, view website. The steel products manufactured by Amendeep Steel include pipe fittings such as ball valves, hydraulic cylinder valves, seat belts, brake pads, control arms, water pump, cylinders and many more. They also manufacture insulated fittings such as pipe sleeves, flange joints, connecting rods, deck fittings etc. These products are used for manufacturing pipes and other building materials and for civil engineering projects.

Amendeep Steel is one of the leading importers and exporters in India. Their products are sold all over the country under various brand names such as Amendeep Steel Pipes, Amendeep Steel Sheet, Amendeep Steel Conduit, Amendeep Couplings, Amendeep Steel Plate and many more. Amendeep also deals in galvanized pipe fittings. For this purpose, they have qualified and trained staff. Thus, to meet the quality standards of international competition, Amendeep Steel has laid out several strategies.

The quality products that Amardeep Steel manufactures are 100% galvanized and are made with the standards and specifications of the international industry. All the tubes and pipes that they sell are checked for welds and check points. Apart from these, they also follow the quality standards set by the IICSA, under the certification of Indian Industrial Infrastructure Construction Industry (IIICPI). The IIICSA is the trade body of the construction industry of India. Therefore, the quality of the products and workmanship to ensure that the work done by the Amendeep Steel Centre is noticed all over the country. Since the company is dedicated to quality work, all their employees get a certificate of completion from the IICSA.

Another reason that makes Amandeep Steel Centre a leading name in the field of construction in India is that they have installed a modern and state of the art heat exchangers since 1984. Heat exchangers are an important part of any construction in India since they require high capacity and heavy duty electrical cable in order to function. The exchangers are made of different materials and one of the most important material is steel. This explains why Amardeep Steel has chosen to be a registered vendor of steel heat exchangers.

Since the year 1980, the Amardeep Steel Centre has been able to make the best use of the raw material available to them. They have always maintained quality products and high standards. They have never had to rely on low cost imports to get the supplies and finished products that they produce. Another advantage is that they have one of the biggest machineries in the country, which further increases their productivity and helps them achieve economies of scale. All these factors help the Amandeep Steel Centre to grow every year and achieve great success.

Another important aspect of this company is that they are also dedicated to developing innovative products and they are continuously making use of new technologies to improve quality products. One of their most famous products is the PVC pipes. These pipes have a unique ability to resist corrosion, internal and external pressure, internal temperature variation and wear and tear. Since PVC pipes are manufactured using polyvinyl chloride, this is one of the most cost effective pipes for manufacturing and shipping and they have managed to create a growth story in India with these products.

All these features and benefits add to the competitive pricing of the Amandeep Steel Pipe. The company is constantly improving its processes and also using advanced technology. Hence, this assures customers of the quality and functionality of their products and services. This has ensured that more customers from various parts of the world are opting for their products instead of other companies manufacturing pipes and heat exchangers.

A major part of their product range is steel pipes and heat exchangers and so this is what they are known for. The company has continued to grow each year and the quality of their products is also getting better. The company produces a wide range of products like steel plates and sheets, valves, fitting, boxes, covers, valves, seals, gaskets, etc. All these products are made from the best raw materials and so they are durable and long lasting. With so many years of experience behind them, the Amendeep Steel Plant is set to deliver customer satisfaction to all its customers all across the country.

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